OIS MB Ondergrondse Infra
adres: Kerkestuk 93, 2811BE Reeuwijk
telef.: 0182-301333
   fax: 0182-301393
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Company Profile

OIS MB has gained recognition as well as reputation for being a committed organisation that specialises within the cable, water, energy, telecom and automotive industry in the Benelux and Germany.

The company's directors offer their clients with insightful advice and project follow through via their years of accumulated experience and know-how. OIS MB has become synonymous with many high profile projects within the region. This has been made possible because of the company's simple yet effective two-pronged approach to business: First, to ensure that the company only represents the top-of-the-range products produced by prestigious and renowned manufacturers. Second, the company maintains healthy relations with customers in the energy, telecom and automotive industry throughout Holland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg by providing them with technical expertise, timely equipment supply to even working on full turn-key proposals with them. The company also strongly believes in the adage that "it's the people who make the business work". Employees are regularly sent for upgrading and training courses to further enhance their skills. With the knowledge and experience gained, technical support to clients is enhanced, thus providing effective support to them.

Since 2009 we have started our department New Business. This department will make it possible to meet the special requests of our customers. We will search for the best solutions to fulfill the demand. We will present (pro active) innovative product solutions. Our Product Manager is most willing to work out all technical details together with you. The New Business department will focus, besides the actual product portfolio, on Telecom and Consumer related products.